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We are present on six continents. We have an impact on the development of international steel production and molding processes with new technologies. Our local production and global knowledge on processes taking place in our Clients’ companies let us create extraordinary relationships, helping Clients to optimize and enhance their processes and efficiency of their products.

The world doesn’t grow without us. We change it.

With Borken, Großalmerode and Mülheim an der Ruhr, Vesuvius has three production sites in Germany, employing around 1,000 people. From all locations, we supply customers worldwide with products from our various business areas.

One of the largest Vesuvius plants in the world is located in Borken. About 700 employees work on a company area of about 112,000 m². This makes Vesuvius one of the largest employers in the region. From the Borken site, Vesuvius supplies customers worldwide with products from the areas of: Flow Control and Foundry (Foseco brand).

In Großalmerode, located in the north of Hesse, everything revolves around graphite: this is the basis for the production of special refractory, heavy ceramic crucibles and accessories for the non-ferrous foundry industry. Around 80 employees work at this site, which has more than 150 years of experience. The company, which has been part of Vesuvius since 1998, was founded as early as 1861. One of the core products, which is now sold worldwide under the brand name Foseco, is the crucible. Embedded in the Vesuvius/Foseco sales organisation, which is excellently positioned worldwide, the site can optimally exploit its potential. The many years of experience of the employees and the high willingness to innovate lead to advanced solutions for the customers.

Since 1957, the first casting powders have been developed and produced worldwide under the later name Metallurgica. The resulting successful start with casting powders for ingot and continuous casting led to the founding of the Metallurgica company in 1965. Further developments with regard to automation in application and optimisation of homogeneity led to the first production of granulates worldwide in 1976. With approx. 120 employees, Metallurgica currently operates four spray towers, two fine powder mixing plants and a cored wire plant. From the Mülheim-Heißen site, the products are delivered to over 350 customers in 45 different countries.

What do we offer
What do we offer
1. We constantly improve the quality of our work. In Research and Development department we invest in research contributing to another technology breakthroughs in production.
2. Vesuvius is one of the world’s largest producers of monolith refractory liners.
3. We manufacture specialized refractory materials for lining steel tank liners, such as blast furnaces, vats and indirect ladles.
4. We provide systems, products and services which allow steel mills to store molten metal, protect it from oxidation, contamination and regulate its flow.
5. Our products can be produced in the vicinity of our Clients’ facilities guaranteeing competitive costs and time of delivery.


  • 1916

    Vesuvius is established

    Created in Pittsburgh, USA, it produces clay graphite crucibles.

  • 1932

    Foseco is established

    Foseco, based in Birmingham, UK, is founded by Eric Weiss.

  • 1960

    The first German Foseco subsidiary is founded

    Foseco Gesellschaft für Chemisch-Metallurgische Erzeugnisse mbH is founded in Düsseldorf-Herdt. Due to economic and geographical advantages, Foseco begins construction of the new site in Borken.

  • 1984

    Production of SEDEX filters is relocated from a sister company to Borken

  • 1986

    Vesuvius takeover by Cookson Group

  • 1990

    Foseco continues to grow

    Foseco acquires SMC and receives a British Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement and Environmental Achievement.

  • 2008

    Integration with Foseco

  • 2014

    The Global Foundry Research and Development Centre is founded in Enschede, the Netherlands

  • 2014

    Integration with Metallurgica | Division of Cookson-Creation and Vesuvius PLC

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